Shift Happens

As a life-longer learner, I seek to work with ambitious, hardworking and determined individuals like yourself. I believe that connecting, collaborating, and coaching each other on our journeys will create shifts to better serve each other, our businesses and our communities.

Let’s be the honest, whether we are talking about our health, parenting, or the entrepreneurial journey, the path we have chosen means we persevere through sleepless nights and low bank accounts, wear multiple hats and juggle numerous responsibilities, and keep showing up while betting on ourselves time and time again!

If you are like me and you are ready to shift from going-it-alone to connecting with a like-minded community of thinkers, ambitious action takers, and relentless believers in possibility, I invite you to join our 30-Day Shift Happens Think Tank.

Over the next 30 days (June 1-30, 2016) we will watch, discuss, and share insights from a free value-packed video training created by my business coach, Todd Herman.

Why Todd? Todd has helped Olympians, billionaires, and teams breakthrough to new levels of performance. He has helped me shift my thinking, take strategic action, and show up “on the field of play” in a powerful way that has transformed my current work-life blend.

With Todd’s coaching in the first 90 days of 2016, I completed a guidebook manuscript, connected with mega-influencers and created a launching pad to shift my one-on-one business model to a web-based business model to serve more people, make a greater impact and leverage various online platforms to create value in the lives of others.

If you too would like to sustain your gains and grow in a results-oriented community, then this collaborative experience is for you. The goal of the 30-Day Shift Happens Think Tank is to help each other make the necessary shifts in our current work-life blend to achieve the following:

Growth + confidence = momentum
Confidence + adventure = excitement 
Adventure + growth = transformation

So take action and join the 30-Day Shift Happens Think Tank to keep the momentum and make 2016 a year of work-life transformation. Here are your next steps:
  1. Join our private group for a collaborative experience to make SHIFT happen!
  2. Be part of the conversation and watch Todd’s free video training series (Video 1 on June 6).
  3. Discuss videos, share insights and support each other in taking action.
  4. Share breakdowns and breakthroughs on our adventure over the next 30 days.
  5. Gain access to my 90 Day Year cliff notes and the pros who have taught me how to make achieving my goals inevitable.

I am looking forward to our adventure together so let’s get this shift rolling! See you in our Think Tank!

Photo credit: Jayne Anne Ammar.